Awakening Sessions with Ann

In changing times… do you need a new approach to gain peace, clarity and purpose?

Awakening sessions

We are definitely living in unusual times. Times of uncertainty, endings, beginnings and mixed emotions. And because of that I have created a brand new treatment called the Awakening Session™

Drawing on my extensive expertise in talking therapies, mental health and personal growth- I have devised a new inclusive approach. One that is 100% focused on your Awakening to who you Truly are.

Using Person centred counselling and Integrated Hypnosis techniques- be fully held, seen and witnessed. Gain clarity consulting with the wisdom of the Rune symbols, uncover unconscious blocks and life learning.

Then, we’ll Create the new…utilizing PSYCH-K balancing techniques  to anchor new ways of being, new beliefs, deep into your conscious and unconscious mind.

These sessions are up to 2 hours and the investment is £99. Either via Zoom or safely in person.

Be soothed, be inspired, be grounded and open to your amazing future! Ann O’keife

If you are hearing the call to Transform like the Butterfly- then contact Ann  today