Mernet Radio Show: Happiness, Compassion, Gratitude..and cats.

Radio Show on mixcloud 2/7/2015. Talking happiness, compassion, gratitude..and cats.

This afternoon our studio guest was Ann O’Keife, founder of Living Life Fully. Anne has been providing spiritual, emotional and professional support to individuals who face challenges in positive thinking and self-empowerment. She talked about her experiences that evolved into expertise in a variety of areas that are linked to the tides and fluctuations in the “feel good” factor around the “micro universe” within the inner and deeper self.

When our studio team figuratively walked together with Anne through an hour-long path, lined with joy and laughter one one side and gratitude and appreciation on the other side, we successfully managed to sneak in a few words about cats, too!

Ann offers inspired and supportive one to one Hypnotherapy, PSYCH-K, Counselling and Rune reading sessions in Sussex (Brighton, Hove, Shoreham by Sea) and London.