Rune Reading: Algiz- Peace and Protection

The Rune Reading of the Month: Algiz.

Algiz is the 15th Rune in the Elder Futhark and 7th in the unconscious aett. Algiz is an Air rune and activates our central column.

Algiz is the active theme from 28th January to 12th February.

This Air rune is highly protective and can bring inner and outer peace.We can use the shape of Algiz to “wrap”around our aura in any busy environment. Often called the Rainbow Rune, Odin used Algiz to connect to the realms of Heaven and bring these down to Earth.  The totem animal of Algiz is the swan, a regal and protected bird. Swan medicine is graceful and powerful. In the 1960’s the CND movement adopted the symbol of Algiz encircled as a sign of peace and protection.

The message of Algiz is discover your artistry, and let this bring you to a state of peace , protection and grace. 

I have just bought myself  a little purple ukulele to learn to play. Its small, fun and reminds me of Hawaii..

Algiz  gracefully asks;             

Algiz-Peace and Protection
Algiz-Peace and Protection
  • When we do what we love, time dissolves and peace takes over.
  • Learn something new! A musical instrument, take an art class,cook something new..experiment just for fun.
  • If you are in busy or stressful environment, imagine the Algiz shape around your entire body. You will feel grounded and safe.
  • Standing with our feet firmly planted on the earth, stand straight with arms up to the Sky, head slightly back, to invoke the power of Algiz through the body. Use the affirmation ” I am peaceful and protected”.

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