Rune Reading: Berkana- Nurturing and Mothering

The Rune Reading of the Month: Berkana.

Berkana is the 18th Rune in the Elder Futhark and the second in the Transformational Aett (family group). Berkana is an Earth rune that relates to the womb and femininity.

Berkana  is the active theme from 15th March to 30th March 

Berkana is a strong feminine rune of the Elder Futhark. Berkana is ruled by Frigga the second wife of Odin and mother of Baldur. Berkana resonates with the Birch tree which is said to protect and nurture a home.   

As the Powerful Mothering Rune, Berkana’s  power is strong and gentle. Berkana’s animal totems are the bear and the badger. Both animals deeply care for their young, whilst setting protective and loving boundaries. Berkana has an Earth Mother energy, resplendent and sensual in green, fertile for Spring. This is perfect for planting new seeds-from creative projects to getting pregnant, looking after children(especially young girls) and listening to our own inner child.

Berkana gentle asks;

  • With Spring Equinox here, are you willing to let go and release all that does not nourish, create harmony and beauty in your life? Ready for a Rebirth at Easter..

  • Do the children or young people in your life need some loving hugs?
  • Get creative! Plant seeds in your garden or window box, enjoy being in Mother Nature.
  • As it’s Mothering Sunday on 30th March- can you truly connect with your own mother or be open to caring for your inner self more..

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