Rune Reading: Gebo-Partnerships and Equality

The Rune Reading of the Month: Gebo

Gebo is the 7th Rune and activates the airy Throat chakra: expressing our truth in partnerships. Giving and receiving equally. Celebrating uniqueness in partnership.

It’s theme is Active from 28th September to 13th October.


Gebo has the grace and beauty of the astrological sign of Libra- known for Balance and Harmony in relationships both of an affectionate and business nature. Think of the most successful partnerships where two unique people thrived together: Morecombe and Wise, Lennon and McCartney, Victoria and Albert.

As the Sting song goes;   If you Love Somebody Set Them Free.

When Gebo appears its an opportunity to consider several factors;

  • Are you giving and receiving equally in your Love, Friendships and Business partnerships?
  • Are you giving and receiving with Your Self?
  • Is it time to “share and partner up”. Become a team player- less a lone wolf?

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