Rune Reading: Hagalaz-Past Influences and Ancestors

The Rune Reading of the Month: Hagalaz

Hagalaz-Past Influences and Ancestors
Hagalaz-Past Influences and Ancestors

Hagalaz is the 9th Rune in the Elder Futhark and the first in the Unconcious Aett (family group). Hagalaz is a potent water rune that affects our base chakra and roots.

Hagalaz is the active theme from 28th October to 13th November. 

Today in the South of England we have wild storms and winds that have created chaos and disruption. It is through this energy that Hagalaz calls us to Wake up and Release any beliefs, thoughts and behaviours from the past  that do not serve us any more.

It is also timely to reflect and honour  the Spirit World and our Ancestors. This month we have Samheim on 31st October, the Mexican Day of the Dead on 2nd November and Remembrance day on 11th November.

Hagalaz demands we dive deeply into ourselves and examine;-

  • Who or what would we benefit from forgiving and releasing?
  • What can we let go of that no longer serves us? Such as people, habits, material objects.
  • How can we channel strong emotions like anger, rage, guilt, shame, sadness, grief into something constructive? Think getting physical such as dancing, gardening, walking, meditation, painting, writing..
  • What can we learn from the past? So we can integrate and move forward stronger and wiser?

My Native American teachers Bob and Lee Nitsch of the Wolf clan, recommend a Condolence ceremony. Sit quietly and imagine a fire in front of you, or perhaps light a candle. Offer up all hurts, pain, confusion to Great Spirit to be transmuted by the fire. Listen with patience and openness. Allow your inner voice and Great Spirit to commune with you.

I find dancing the 5Rhythms created by the late great Gabrielle Roth(1941-2012) really helps me release strong emotions, get grounded and gain insights.

For guidance and support in releasing powerful emotions, letting go of the past and honouring your ancestors, then a Rune Reading with Ann, via Skype or in person ( Sussex and London) can help.I offer General and In-depth readings plus Name translations.