Rune Reading: Laguz- Flow, Emotions and Creativity

The Rune Reading of the Month: Laguz

Laguz is the 21st Rune in the Elder Futhark and 4th in the Transformational aett. Laguz is a Water Rune and relates to the hormonal system.

Laguz is the active the theme from 29th April to 14th May

We have just celebrated May Day in Great Britain or Beltane as befits it’s Celtic name. This is apt for the soft, flowing, feminine energy of Laguz. May time has traditionally been connected with fertility, blessings and weddings. How wonderful that we have Morris dancers (a Pagan fertility dance) in towns and villages around Britain whipping up and exciting our emotions!   

Laguz  has a deeply feminine energy and rules our emotional body. Our bodies are over 80% water and this Rune encourages becoming like the water- and going with the flow. If we become stagnant, lose our direction or energy, Laguz calls to adjust , feel what we are feeling, express emotions, whatever they are, perhaps have a laugh. Anything to get us back in our natural flow..

I am really enjoying the 21 Day Meditations from Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra . The Theme is Flow. They are free, beautiful and inspiring.      

Laguz whispers ;               

Laguz- flow, emotions, creativity
Laguz- flow, emotions, creativity
  • Feel what you are feeling. Try meditation, a chat with a good friend or counsellor, or keep a writing journal. These activities can re connect us to our emotional bodies.
  • Are you feeling stuck or lacking in enthusiasm? Be honest with yourself. Its Ok to walk away from people or situations that don’t bring you peace or love.
  • Drink more water! Be near water, oceans, lakes, rivers, streams. Try a warm bath, or a spa break with loved ones. Feel the benefits of positive energy on your body and soul. Laguz relates to the salmon and leeks. Try incorporating fish and vegetables from the onion family into your diet.
  • Life too serious? Laughter is the most powerful medicine. It releases feel good hormones, massages all our internal organs and makes us closer to ourselves and others. Whether its watching a funny movie, sharing a joke or focusing on the lighter side of life- do it now!

Wishing you all a Merry May!

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