Rune Reading: Mannaz- Cooperation, Balance and Humility.

The Rune Reading of the Month: Mannaz.

Mannaz is the 20th Rune in the Elder Futhark and 3rd in the Transformational aett. Mannez is an Air rune and relates to the hemispheres of the brain and to the human intellect.

Mannez is the active the theme from 14th April to 29th April.

In Runic mythology, Ask and Embla, an Ash and an Elm tree, preceded Human Beings on Mother Earth. The coming together of Ask and Embla created Human Beings.

Mannez calls us to balance our logic, reasoning and intellect with our emotions, conscience and compassion. The key here is to integrate the qualities of masculine, feminine and the Divine. Humility is the gateway. The Bifrost bridge that Wise Ones cross is the ultimate connection between the head and the heart.

With discussions about independence in  Scotland, changing political landscapes- Mannaz is a wise reminder to balance thought, feelings and actions with humility-for ourselves and others.

Mannaz enquires;-

Mannaz-Cooperation, Balance, Humility
Mannaz-Cooperation, Balance, Humility


  • Use your head but listen to your heart. Choose the path that provides a Win-Win option for everyone. Humility is the watchword.
  • Can you take time out, to just relax and allow answers and insights to come to you?
  • Get grounded! Gardening, Easter egg hunts, walking, time with loved ones, being in Nature- connects us to the simple joys of being a  human on this amazing Planet.
  • With Easter or Eostra or Passover- perhaps connect with a sense of your spirituality-whatever that means to you. Mannaz asks us to connect and co-create with all parts of ourselves AND the Divine.

So, I wish you all Very Happy, Peaceful, Balanced Holiday time!

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