Rune Reading: Nauthiz-Addressing our Basic Needs

The Rune Reading of the Month: Nauthiz

Nauthiz is the 10th Rune in the Elder Futhark and the second in the Unconcious Aett (family group). Nauthiz is a Fire Rune that activates the base chakra and the spine.

Nauthiz-basic needs
Nauthiz-basic needs

Nauthiz is the active theme from 13th November to 28th November. 

After dramatic weather shifts over the last few days, particularly the devastating typhoon Haiyan that occurred in the Philippines, we are asked by the power of Nauthiz to put our needs before our wants. This is a no nonsense Rune. Nauthiz relates to addressing our basic survival and our mammal instincts.

When we address our basic needs- and only then -can we truly flourish and grow. 

Nauthiz relates to the Need Fire. That inner instinct for warmth, security, love and affection. Our ancestors used to use kindling wood to get the fire lit, give us warmth, create cooking facilities and protection. The shape of Nauthiz is two sticks rubbing together. Friction can create Action.

Nauthiz is a call to take practical, loving action:-

  • Are we getting enough inner fuel? Sleep, exercise, good quality food, liquids?
  • Do we feel safe and secure in ourselves and our home? If not how can we improve this?
  • How can we re- focus on being loving and nurturing to ourselves- and be an example to others?
  • Can we be more honest in asking for our needs to be met?

At this time in humanity the “we” is more powerful than the “I”.

If you feel called to help those in dire need then Shelterbox is a British non governmental charity and aid organisation.


For guidance and support in addressing your basic needs and asking for support, then a Rune Reading with Ann, via Skype or in person ( Sussex and London) can help.I offer General and In-depth readings plus Name translations.