Rune Reading: Raido-Willpower

The Rune Reading of the Month: Raido

Raido the 5th Rune connects our solar plexus and throat chakras, the elements of water and air. It’s a potent Rune used to discern and extert our Willpower.

It’s theme is Active from 29th August to 13th September.


Related to Odin’s Mare Sleipner who carried him from different realms of consciousness and to the Chariot Tarot card- Raido says feel it – then express it.

As Jon Luc Pichard said in Star Trek “Make it so”

Use this Rune to tune into your gut feelings about a sitiuation, person, or question that is occuring in your life. Be honest with yourself about how you feel. To help connect with this powerful seat of emotions-gently place your finger in your belly button whilst resting it on your abdomen. Place the other hand ontop, so it creates a triangular shape above the belly button. This is called the Vibral Core. Breathe at an easy pace and allow feelings to surface or ask a question and quietly listen for an answer. This can take practise, so be patient. Consider how to express that feeling appropriately. Because this Rune is about Right Use of Willpower-use this strong energy wisely for the good of all.

Saying ” I will….finish this job/ make that appointment/ go on that diet/attend that exercise group..” makes  a clear commitment to both your conscious and unconscious self and the Cosmic Ordering of the Universe.

Raido is a creative Rune of the Speaker and Traveller. Often this Rune has appeared in readings I have done for sales people, communications workers, travel agents, or those seeking adventure. The focus here is keep moving and enjoy the ride!

For support and encouragement to express your true Willpower in life-then perhaps have a Rune Reading with Ann, via Skype or in person. I offer General and In-depth readings plus Name translations.

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