Rune Reading: Thurisaz-Protect and Surrender

The Rune Reading of the Month- Thurisaz

Thurisaz-Protection and Surrender
Thurisaz-Protection and Surrender

Thurisaz, ruled by Thor, packs a mighty punch! It’s most active  from the 29th July to  12th August. This 3rd Rune calls us to protect and surrender. Notice the lightening we’ve had lately- that’s Thor’s call to humanity. Thurisaz is a Gateway rune, which means it asks our conscious and unconcious self- to surrender and move through to another phase in our lives. Think clear out time, detox your diet, empty email boxes, surrender past hurts or over sentimentality. Use the protective powers to help you use right action and express your truth with compassion. I love to equate the Thurisaz rune to the story of Sleeping Beauty. Surrounded by thorny bushes whilst she slept, Sleeping Beauty is eventually awoken at the right  time ready to embrace  a new life and love… 

Use this potent enegy well-it can bring you many blessings!

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