Rune Reading: Tiewaz and Berkana- Father Sky and Mother Earth.

Runes Readings of the Month: Tiewaz and Berkana.

Tiewaz and Berkana are the 17th and 18th Runes in the Transformational aett. I am unusually featuring both symbols at the same time-as they are intrinsically linked. Tiewaz is an Air rune that activates the backbone, for strength and courage; whilst Bekana is an Earth Rune that activates the chest and breast area for unconditional love and nurturing.

Tiewaz is the active theme from 27th February to 14th March.

Berkana is the active theme from 14th March to 30th March.

Tiewaz is an assertive and masculine energy. This is the same symbol as the One Way Only seen on road signs. As well as being a phallic symbol. Tiewaz is often called the Sky father Rune. Tiewaz was carved onto the hilts of swords and shields by warrior ancestors to display courage and confidence. Use your head to move onwards and upwards in life, but do stay rooted, so that your endeavours and your own inner confidence can grow in a gradual solid way. 

Tiewaz- Courage & Confidence
Tiewaz- Courage & Confidence
Berkana- Nurture & Create
Berkana- Nurture & Create

Berkana has a feminine soft energy. Often called the Earth Mother Rune. This nurturing caring energy coincides with the Spring Equinox and Mothering Sunday(in the Northern hemisphere). Berkana wants to open your heart, care and nurture yourself, your creativity, your Planet and your loved ones. Do set loving boundaries though.


The best and safest thing is to keep
a balance in your life, acknowledge
the great powers around us and in us.
If you can do that, and live that way,
you are really a wise person.


Draw on your courage, develop inner confidence to create a more loving, benevolent life for yourself, loved ones, your community and our Blue Planet.

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