hypnotherapyWould you like to live your life more fully?

Feel more confident and self assured?

Enjoy great health and purpose in life?

Quit smoking and breathe easier?

Become slimmer, healthier, and sexier?

Free yourself from fears, phobias, and anxieties?

Increase your personal power and wealth?

Enjoy satisfying and loving relationships?

Overcome past traumas and upsets?

To be fully in harmony, the conscious and unconscious parts of our mind need to be in full communication and balance. Hypnotherapy brings the conscious and unconscious together, allowing for positive changes, rewriting any limiting beliefs, releasing the past, overcoming habits and fears and bringing rapid transformations to all aspects of your life.

All sessions are tailor made for individuals and help you to progress at a steady pace that’s right for you.

I work from home in Shoreham by sea,  Essense Centre in Hove, Sussex, BHT Therapies near Brighton station and Camden in North London. 

I offer a FREE  1/2 hour consultation via phone/SKYPE or in person.

To make a booking or enquiry contact Ann

*New Soothing Sessions

Calm your mind, settle your heart, feel grounded and safe. Utilising hypnosis, breathwork and PSYCH-K techniques. Introduction offer price of £20. Sessions via Zoom link.

One session is £60, book securely through paypal.

Block of 5 sessions is £255, book securely through Paypal