Rune Readings and Workshops

Book a Rune Reading with Ann via Zoom or in Sussex.

With over 30 years experience, Ann O’Keife draws on the ancient wisdom of  the Rune stones to provide balanced guidance, reassurance, and insights to soothe your mind, body and soul.

The word Rune means to “whisper”. These 25 angular symbols are over 10,000 years old and have guided our ancestors in understanding their Outer and Inner worlds.

Special Offer Autumn 2022- General Rune Readings (until end of October)

Short and sweet. Perfect to gain clarity, wise wisdom and receive support. I am offering General Rune Readings for £25 (saving £20) til end of October 2022.  Limited spaces- so book today! Session lasts 30minutes

Online General Rune Reading £25 pay with secure paypal.

Full General Rune Reading-In person or Online

Go deeper. This consists of picking 3 Rune stones (that represent past, present and future) excellent reading to uncover and offer guidance to general or specific areas in your life, with time to ask questions. Session of 45-50 minutes–in person in Sussex or Online.

General Rune Reading in Person £40 pay with secure paypal.

3 Lifetimes In-depth Reading

Going deep. A 3 lifetimes reading examines and reveals Themes and Patterns in your life from childhood, to adulthood, relevant past life and future incarnation. Deep overview for greater understanding to your purpose in life. Online or In person available. Session up to 90 minutes

£65 pay with secure paypal

The Name Translation Report

This is a specially hand written analysis of the Energies, Elements, Strengths and Areas for Learning in ones full name. Insightful and helpful to understand yourself more fully.

Name translation reports £60. Please contact to discuss.

Solar Year Reading

This uncovers the themes specific for you month by month. An in depth report that provides insights for your whole year ahead. Great for New Year, Birthdays and Gifts.

Solar year Reading £80  Please contact to discuss.

*Ann offers Readings Online and in Sussex*.
I am available for Spiritual fairs/ Parties/ Corporate events.

Contact Ann to book your Reading

 Runes Workshops in 2022

Discover the Runes -In person workshop- Saturday 29th October 2022 10.30am-4pm in Shoreham by sea.

Online Runes Training via Zoom 2022

Runes 4 week Online Course starts  Wednesday 2nd February  2022 at 7.30pm.

Contact me for bookings & details