Take time to take stock

Powerful times with the Autumn Equinox and Harvest Full moon.

Harvest Full Moon 2012
Harvest Full Moon 2012

It is however, the perfect opportunity to take stock.

But what does that actually mean?

Well for me, its making time (yes we all have the same 24 hours!) and to check in with our physical self, our emotional self, our mental self and spiritual self and asking;

What do I need in order to re balance all parts of my life?

Perhaps a  de clutter,  fresh perspective on a problem or issue, detox of our diet, quality rest time, space to explore new ideas..

A simple yet effective releasing exercise I have learnt and shared many times are writing Angel letters.  

This is a chance to write and release safely -anyone or experience- that has upset, annoyed or hurt you..or just not part of your life any more.  For example:

Dear (persons name, organisation)

  • Express yourself honestly how you feel/felt. This is between you and them..no one needs to read this!
  • Write anything that you have learnt, enjoyed, benefited from.. again be honest.

Then end with this statement of release.

“I forgive and release you in all ways, directions, dimensions and lifetimes for ever and ever and so it is”.

Sign it and date it. Breathe deeply. Well done!

No need to put in a letterbox- just keep in a safe place,  burn it or  bury it.. and move on.

If you need support with moving on and releasing the old to make way for the new, please contact me for  a free hypnotherapy or psych-k consultation.