My rune readings with Ann are always profound experiences. Her wise words help to soothe and clarify and I am left feeling more sure and centred about my life direction, a magical reading not to be missed. Sophie J, Essential blends, Shoreham.

Facing up to ‘ unconscious ‘ belief systems within yourself can be a scary prospect. Ann completely took the fear and potential awkwardness out of the situation by conveying a genuine presence of her knowledge, logic and warmth during our sessions . This was crucial in guiding and allowing me to bring my attention to the certain aspects of myself which were obscured from conscious thought and most probably holding me back .
Her solution based approach was very refreshing and instilled a solid confidence in having the control to discard unhelpful beliefs and replace them with ones of my own choosing. Very powerful stuff, thank you Ann! Andreas, Littlehampton

Thank you very much for your runes reading on Friday.It was really appreciated and spot-on.
I found it to be very insightful and your loving interpretation was exactly what I hoped for.
Thanks again for sharing your loving wisdom, guidance and support. It has really helped the specific situation. Chris S, Life coach, Genius Within, Worthing.

“PSYCH-K: the most powerful tool for transformation that I’ve had the pleasure of using! Ann’s loving and gentle nature helped me to relax & feel able to discuss the sensitive issues that I was hoping to re-balance. There was plenty of laughter as PSYCH-K is great fun to use! Ann’s intuition & experience proved to be beneficial in ‘cutting to the chase’ regarding what TRULY needed balancing first. The results were evident within days!” Suzanne O, Artist , Brighton

“Thank you Ann for all your help and support with my panic attacks/anxieties. You were very supportive and taught me invaluable techniques to help me cope.” Maxine B, Sussex

“Ann has helped me quit smoking and much more. I feel I can be my real self now, I can really love me for who I am.” Vaughan W, Energy consultant

“Thank you Ann, I felt really held and supported during our sessions. l am looking forward to my future, the band and my love life.” Warwick A, Musician, Sussex

“With Ann’s help I have given up on unhealthy eating and drinking habits. I have so much more energy and look slimmer and healthier. The sessions have been a great source of change in my life.”
Kate L, Office supervisor.

This has been one of the most useful readings I’ve had recently and I would highly recommend Ann to anyone. Her deep relationship and knowledge of the Runes is apparent. I was left  wanting to know more about them myself. Ann is highly intuitive and a very loving being!” Layla M,  jewellery maker, Brighton.

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