Art of Gratitude Online Course January 2024

Do you want to feel more gratitude  and increase the blessings in your life?

Attitude of Gratitude
Art of Gratitude

Come and join the Art of Gratitude 5 week online course to transform your thinking, feeling and living.

Each week we explore new areas from:-
Self love and health,  Relationships, Abundance, Spirituality and Purpose.

Through carefully prepared resources, creative writing exercises, meditation and play-work- experience richness, peace, inspiration and wholeness in your mind, body and life.

Winter term starts Monday 15th January 2024 from 7pm-8pm for 5 consecutive weeks. Includes resources and recording. 

Space for 7 people-so booking is essential

Secure your space today via Paypal

£50 per person

Contact Ann for her BACS details 

A single grateful thought towards heaven is the most complete prayer. Gotthold Lessing