Rune Reading: Ansuz- Expressing Your truth

The Rune Reading of the Month: Ansuz

Ansuz-Expressing Your Truth
Ansuz-Expressing Your Truth

Ansuz the 4th Rune asks us to express ourselves from a place of Inner Wisdom and Truth. It’s theme is active from 13th August to 29th August and has  a touch of magic about it..

Often called Odin’s Rune- the Shamanic forefather of the Rune symbols- Ansuz activates and opens the Throat Chakra. It calls us to become aware of the messages and messengers in our lives. Think memorable dreams, conversations experienced, songs on the radio, white feathers on your path, even car number plates…as long as they mean something to YOU!

Use this Rune to help you truly connect to your own inner Truth. This can take honesty and courage. Only then, can we truly express yourselves from a place of integrity, dignity, inner wisdom and love. Whether that’s making time to connect with a loved one, meditating, starting a journal, self expression  through song, dance, art, cookery, writing or telling a funny joke.

The Ansuz rune assists us to own and share something from within ourselves- that’s makes us truly unique!

For support and encouragement to honesty express yourself in life and in relationships have a Rune Reading with Ann, via Skype or in person.

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