Rune Reading: Wunjo-Joy and Lightness.

The Rune Reading of the Month: Wunjo


Wunjo is the 8th and last Rune of the First Aett. Wunjo is an earthy rune that calls us to connect with our roots- physically and emotionally. Associated with clear quartz crystal, Wunjo has a clearing and uplifting effect.

It’s theme is Active from 14th October to the 28th October.

Wunjo is the Bringer of happiness, celebrations and our wishes. It encourages us to enjoy life, laugh and appreciate what we have.

Wunjo gives us a gentle nudge and perhaps a tickle and asks :

  • Are we celebrating and receiving enjoyment from our life?
  • If we’re feeling low or down, perhaps bring some playfulness and connection with our kith and kin.
  • Been indoors too long? Time to get outside in the sun and “lighten up”.

Enjoy watching this clip from my favourite movie. Feel free to sing along..

Always look on the bright side of life-from  The Life of Brian

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