Rune Reading: Jera-Cycles and Patience

The Rune Reading of the Month: Jera.

Jera is the 12th Rune in the Elder Futhark and the forth in the Unconcious Aett (family group). Jera is an Earth rune and supports the Spinal cord.

Jera-Cycles and Patience
Jera-Cycles and Patience

Jera is the active theme from 13th December to 28th December. 

Jera reminds us of the wheel of life and how the inner and outer cycles-the seasons, stages and ages in our own lives, shifts personally and globally- are all interconnected.

“Nothing great is created suddenly, any more than a bunch of grapes or a fig. 

If you tell me that you desire a fig, I answer that there must be
time.  Let the tree first blossom, then bear fruit, then ripen”

Jera gently patiently asks;-

  • What stage are you at in your personal growth/ outer projects- beginning, middle or completion?
  • How can you celebrate where you are at?
  • Patience brings patience. Be a builder within your own life-enjoying the process, step by step until completion.
  • Balance doing and being in this Runic period. Like the Winter Solstice on 21st December that heralds the balance between the dark(inner world) and the coming light(outer world).

Wishing you all a Very Happy and Peaceful Winter Solstice and Christmas!

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